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Here’s the deal. I didn’t spend my whole life¬†planning on becoming an architect. I didn’t know I wanted to be an architect until much later in life. When I did realize my goal, I felt it was too late. I didn’t graduate high school, I didn’t have any degrees and I never worked in architecture. But what I knew is that I was going to do whatever it took to become an architect. I learned the hard way that choosing the right school, getting the right job and taking the right tests is the only way to become a licensed architect. I have gone through all of this recently and if you want to do the same, follow along as we go through this journey together.

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  • How to become an Architect in Missouri - The licensing requirements for Missouri follow a more traditional approach of requiring a professional degree, completion of the Internship Development Program (IDP) and completion of the Architect Registration Exams (ARE). Candidates can also begin taking the ARE’s before they have completed the Internship Development Program, which helps to save some time. How to become an […]
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In order to be an Architect, you must be licensed in the state you plan on practicing. Each state has different requirements, so click on your state to find out more about their individual requirements.