Top 9 Architecture Books for Beginners - Architecture Career Guide
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Top 9 Architecture Books for Beginners

Architects are notorious for having expansive libraries of books and magazines full of inspirational and referential information. We tend to collect and hold onto every architecture book that we come across and treasure them like they were gold. I will admit, I have a large library myself and it has grown throughout the years as I come across books I enjoy. But it all started with a handful of books that changed everything for me. If you are just getting started, I’m guessing your library isn’t full of architecture books because you haven’t had the time or money to fill it up. Since you are just starting out, you need to spend your money wisely on the books that will have the most impact and will be used for the rest of your career. Below is a list of the best architecture books for beginners that I recommend to help get your library started. These are not books that will give you philosophical ideas or cool pictures, but are actual reference books you will constantly use.

Best architecture books for beginners
1. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Quick little read with tips and tricks on Architecture School. Add a little humor to your day.

Best architecture books for beginners
2. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order
The book that began it all for me. Essential information on design basics.

Best architecture books for beginners
3. The Architecture Student’s Handbook of Professional Practice
Essential read for when you get closer to your professional life. Information on how architecture firms work.

Best architecture books for beginners
4.Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition (Ramsey/Sleeper Architectural Graphic Standards Series)
Want to know how big a semi-trailer is? Need to know what size a typical water heater is? This the the book that give you everything you need to know when designing anything.

Best architecture books for beginners
5.Design Like You Give A Damn: Architectural Responses To Humanitarian Crises
This book makes you think (or rethink) why you are doing architecture in the first place. Reminds us why and how architecture can change the world for better.

Best architecture books for beginners
6.Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings
Maybe it’s the Building Scientist in me, but this book is essential to understand exactly how a building works. A must read if you are interested in more than just the aesthetics of building.

Best architecture books for beginners
7.Carbon-Neutral Architectural Design
Go beyond “green” and “sustainable” and really delve into what it means to make an impact on the environment.

Best architecture books for beginners
8. Building Construction Illustrated
Another Ching book that is sure to be used throughout your career. This book details exactly how buildings get put together. A must have to understand the construction side of architecture.

Best architecture books for beginners
9. A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals
Chances are you will need this for your history classes, but this book really is full of useful information on architecture history.

Of course I have mention, that my book is available on Amazon as well. It is the Beginner’s Guide: How to Become an Architect, and walks you through what Architects do, what education you need and how to get your license. It is intended for those just starting out who are looking for the information they need to become an Architect.

So there you have it, my list of the 9 best architecture books for beginners. Do you agree? What would you recommend? Let me know below in the comments, and sign up to my insider’s list to get even more special information.

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